3 Interesting Birthday Cake Candle Ideas

Posted on: 29 April 2015

As your grow older, birthdays become less and less an event, and more of a chore, so if you're having a birthday cake for the anniversary of someone's birth, you may want to jazz things up a bit by using candles that can elicit laughs. To help you achieve that goal, here are three ideas for birthday candles that can elevate your cake from humdrum to exciting.

Fruit Candles 

Fruit candles are a perfect way to get some utility out of your candles after the birthday celebrant has blown them out. All you need to make a fruit candle, is fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, and a candle wick, which you can buy at nearly any grocery store.

Create a hole through the fruit all the way through, then insert the candle wick through the hole and thread it in place. Place the speared fruit on top of the cake, light the wicks and have the birthday person blow them out like normal candles. After, you can remove the wicks, and add the fruit to the cake pieces that you serve.

Sparkler Candles 

These candles work really well if you're baking a birthday cake for a child, because there's an exciting ending to the candle experience. Sparkler candles are designed to light up like firecrackers, so they make that same sizzling sound when you light them. When the flame hits the end of the candle, there's a bright sparkle that quickly dies down. Kids will love this effect, because it will remind them of firecrackers, and you can buy sparkler candles in different shapes, so you can even do a countdown as the flame races around the shape before it reaches the end and sparkles.

Rotating Musical Lotus Candles 

These types of candles are ideal for young girls because it includes music and flowers. The candles are shaped like a lotus flower when you buy them. You can use one or two depending on the size of the cake you are baking. You simply place the lotus candle on top of the cake, and place a match or lighter in the center. Within seconds, the flower sparks up and then petals open up as if it's a real flower, and a rotating set of lit candles is revealed as the 'Happy Birthday' music theme plays. You can customise the number of inner candles you need, depending on the age of the person who is celebrating her birthday.



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