Catering for working lunches

Posted on: 15 May 2017

With many workplaces struggling to work out how to fit all of the work into busy days, many extra activities such as training sneak into the lunch break. One way to manage this is to have a working lunch where people eat lunch alongside whilst eating. Here are some options.

Self catered

The easiest and cheapest option for the company is to get everyone to bring their own lunch. This means everyone brings their own lunch from home and can be sure that they like the food.  This can make it challenging to get high attendance rates however, particularly if people are very busy and the sessions are not compulsory. Equally you may lose time in your session if some people have forgotten their lunches and need to go out to buy food.


One option for catering is to get everyone to bring in a dish from home. This can be a great option if you have some good cooks in the team. It can get a little hard to manage if there are a lot of allergies, however, as people tend to not be able to guarantee the purity of home cooking unless they also have a similar allergies. If you choose the potluck option, it is a good idea to supplement the potluck with some extra food such as a tray of mixed sandwiches from the local bakery and some gluten free crackers and dip so that everyone will be able to find something they can eat. (It also gives you some back up food in case some people forget their dish!). 


The final option is to get the lunch fully catered. This can be a good way to show appreciation for the fact that people are giving up their spare time as well as helping encourage people to come to your sessions and lets you get down to business straight away, maximising the available time. It can be relatively affordable as well, as you can outsource the catering to a local bakery who can prepare trays of food that you can leave on the tables. This can be a very affordable option and is also an easy way to make sure that everyone has food that they can eat. Be sure to ask for any allergy information or dietary restrictions from the attendees, so that you can pass this on to the bakery. 

If you are running a working lunch it is important to organise food so that everyone can stay focused. 



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